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2-minute tasks that can change your Life

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Earn more, change nothing

Your life is busy, so lets get right to it -

1) Get a better credit card

If you haven't taken a minute to review your credit card choice (or are still using a debit card like it's 2002), now is the time to take 2 minutes to review and choose a new option out there. Credit card company competition for customers is hot right now and you can reap the benefits during the battle for supremacy.

This activity will take easily less than 2 minutes to complete and can best be started by typing "best credit card for_" into Google.

Tricks to avoid:

- Annual Fees (way too many good fee-less cards out there to waste time on recurring annual fees)

- Rewards points (for a very narrow subset of travelers, these make sense, but for everyone else, just take the highest cashback % you can find).

- Other Fees (OK, admittedly reviewing the fees associated with each card could add up to more than the 2 minute time allocation, but these companies are very good at disguising some brutal fees behind a cool card and expensive looking logo)

Estimate earnings after the 2 minutes of effort: $500+

2) Get a better savings account

One huge mistake people consistently make is sticking with, or choosing to bank with, large banks. In 2019 (almost 2020), where your bank is actually located and how big the skyscraper they slap their logo on is completely irrelevant. The truth is, smaller community and midsize banks actually pay you considerably more for your deposits and provide way better personalized services if you should ever need a loan/advice/friendly banker conversation.

Switching banks isn't a fun afternoon affair, but in just about 2 minutes you can plug your government mandated personal information into a fancy website or app and start earning considerably more with zero effort required. If this even seems like too much effort, just use Froogal Savings and they'll handle a lifetime of placing your money at the highest paying community banks and you can just watch your money grow (froogal.us).

Tricks to avoid:

- Promo periods (a ton of the largest banks and some of the digital alternatives offer high savings deposit rates, but only for 6 or 12 months [or in some cases, only until they decide otherwise] so watch out for this classic bait-and-switch tactic).

- Tiers/Minimums/Restrictions (most, if not all large banks, use the fine print to legally pay you less or charge your more for the "honor" of banking with them).

- Fees (overdraft, insufficient funds, ATM, foreign exchange, etc, have turned into a mega revenue source for large banks - don't forget this and don't be taken advantage of).

Estimated earnings after 2 minutes of effort: $500+

3) Stop paying for stuff that's free/cheaper elsewhere

This may sound incredibly general, but by simply taking 2 minutes to search for and download (likely not even needed) various websites/apps, you can save a ton of money on nonsense and spend a ton of money on.

If you haven't done a basic price comparison for each of the following, it's time do get your sh*t together:

1. Flights (google.com/flights - recommended)

2. Coupons (joinhoney.com - recommended)

3. Insurance (very competitive space - be sure to at least get new quotes every year)

4. Hotels (airbnb.com & the million other price comparison sites are a must-do first step)

5. Loans/Other Banking products (bankrate.com & magnifymoney.com are a necessity before you take out a loan to make sure your getting a competitive rate)

The third one may seem like the weakest of the bunch, but the odds that you are wasting money arbitrarily is likely high. It's 2019, stop using the same processes that the generations before you used as they frankly no longer make sense.

Estimated earnings after 2 minutes: $1,000+

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