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Pet Retirement Accounts

The benefits of a 401-K9 Account with Froogal

Out of the gate (another great puppy joke), pets don’t actually have to retire and this isn’t an official tax-purposed retirement account option. It’s just way cuter and way better.

For the pup lovers out there, the continuous stream of toy and treat purchases can certainly break any budget quickly.

For those out there that want to find a balance between treatin’ yo fur babby and actually being able to retire one day, it’s about time that we (we, in this case, being my fiance, myself, and our pup Macey) get a better system in place to make sure everyone wins. Quoting the great Michael Scott (if you haven’t seen The Office by now, jeez guy/gal get it together), we’re actually shooting for a win-win-win.

The first win is making this account infinitely less painful than your retirement account with your current employer (4-0-somethings). That starts with the 2-minutes it takes to sign up for Froogal (www.froogal.us) and the extra 1-minute it takes to create your 401-K9 account. Here’s what it will look like:

The second win is figuring out how much money you need to add to the account for your pup to pull in his/her “retirement benefits”. This is a simple process and begins with taking a look at the various rewards.

Once you’ve taken a peek and decided on 1, maybe 2 or 3, “retirement benefits” that your pup needs, the next step is to then figure out the savings amount required to make this dream happen. The math is pretty simple here, take the rewards point cost and multiply it by 100 (so 200 rewards points would take a $20,000 balance held for 30-days).

Do the math, figure out the balance needed, transfer it into the account, and then receive a lifetime of pup “retirement benefits” plus have extra savings put away in case the unexpected comes a-knocking.

The third win is getting you “from f*cked by large banks” to back on track to retire early (or passion projects non-stop) and your puppy living his best life.

Sounds great right?

This begins by applying the same principles that we just used for your pup's account to your own life goals (savings goals, that is). These accounts can range from a wedding (trust me, it’s better planning with Froogal that hoping for the best/paying a “planner” tons of cash) to your first home purchase account or even a new business or group vacation account.

All of these require savings (don’t even try to make the argument that you can just swipe some plastic/go into debt for these events, that’s some nonsense) and there is no better place to do it than with Froogal.

Just like your pup, you can earn amazing human rewards that can either help reduce the cost of the various savings goals (hotel nights, flights, etc) or just make your life better now (streaming services, grocery delivery, amazing subscription boxes, etc)!

All of this, or you can stay with your current bank (likely a large or really old small bank) and earn zero rewards for your pup & yourself.

The choice should be easy. Go sign-up now at www.froogal.us.


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